Installing ESP8266 under Ubuntu and using Eclipse to build projects

Since it seems that so far the SDK works fine in either the Virtual machine with Windows XP) or Ubuntu. I decided to get my own little ubuntu machine to enable me to build projects on a way I am used to. On this page I wil explain how I installed the SDK (following the excellent work of some of my fellow forum people (see ESP8266 forum) who have created the right environment and modified/created specific files), installed Eclipse and how to import the AT example.

For more information join us at . Now a very you forum with a lot of expertise.

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Playing with the ESP8266

Just on the market now for a couple of months is the ESP8266 WiFi module.

ESP8266-WI07c-Wifi-Module-02the great thing about it is the extreme low cost (us$ 4-5) making it very nice to use in IoT (Internet of Things) applications. I am still in the learning phase (who isn’t 🙂 ) but this is certainly a module worth further investigating. see: My ESP8266 projects

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Microscope Holder using 3D printing

Needed some way to stabilize images from one of those cheap Chinese microscopes. Currently designing a stable frame using CAD and 3D printing.

Microscope holder_2

For more info check this out : details

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Working with WS2812B led streams

Currently doing an interesting project for a client working with a stream of over 300 WS2812B leds. More to follow.

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