LED-Button Shield


Having built a couple of months of experience with this board, one thing is for sure. It works!!!. I have developed numerous programs now with it and it has definitely become a development partner. A lot of my software is developed for the Attiny series. These program have a lot pulse generation work and timing. The board helps me in this that I develop on the Arduino. Make a setting of the buttons and leds (representing the pulses), develop and test on the Arduino. Once completed, I can redefine the pins for the ATTiny and the software is ready for testing on the tiny. Never had any problems. Actually I have hardly seen the actual hardware at all :). I develop remote based on specs and send the finished sketch to the customer.

But there was one learning issue:

  • The jumpers are a bit difficult to take out and replace.

So I am designing a new board (double sided SMD) using SPDT hardware switches for pull-up and pull-down switches (for each individual data pin). Using dip slide switches each pin can then be set individually for pull-up/pull-down.  It will increase the component count, but it will be more flexible.




I have used the board ever since. They work great. Easy to use for testing. Need a switch, set a jumper. Need a led, set another jumper. Need a data pin for some external device, remove a jumper and use the middle pin.No fooling around with breadboards and crappy wires.

As for a crowd funding option. I guess not. Kick Starter does not allow Europeans except native UK. I asked them once. They were working on it. But no date. So that is a very vague date. IndieGoGo does not seem to have enough exposure for these kind of projects.

I still have a few boards left. So if you want one, let me know. I can always handsolder one or just sell the board.

let me know if you are interested.


Got the boards from ITEAD yesterday. As always, they look great:)

Built one board for testing purposes. And it works great.

IMG_0044 IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0043


Working with Arduino usually means connecting all kinds of peripherals to it like LEDS, Buttons, sensors, devices etc. However, as I develop software professionaly for customers, I got a bit tired of having to setup all those LEDS, buttons every time and wanted a  shield that could be put on top of the Arduino enabling me to setup every digital pin as Button or LED.

It did not exist! Now it does. Underway are 10 boards from ITEAD studio which I developed enabling me to just push a shield on the Arduino letting me control every pin as LED driver, Button or connect it to an external peripheral.

LED_Button_Shield_CAM LED_Button_Shield_1

I expect to get them in next week and open up a crowdfunding project if they work as I expect.

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