Champ 5C1/5F1

Probably the best amp I ever built:). By coincidence I found an old 6SJ7 (metal penthode) tube in our local army dumpstore. I knew I had seen a schematic once before in the past. After some digging around I found the Fender(TM) 5C1 schematic. I had a bunch of old power and old output  transformers so I decided to build a small 5W amp containing the 5C1 AND the 5F1 schematic. The power transformer was from an old tube radio. The output transformer I got from an aquaintance who said this was a very good output transformer (and he was right). As for the rest, jus a bunch of old components I had. Made an experimental chassis to play around with and started experimenting. And damn it sounded great. So time to build a permanent version. Brother in Law made a chassis from zinc plated steel. Used a simple strip board for the parts. Used the cheapest poplar wood I could find. The grille is made from a left over piece of brass with a simple square pattern in it. Polihed it with brass polish and sprayed it with 4-5 layers of clear laquer. The cabinet is lacquered with 3 layers of boat varnish. The only thing that was most expensive was the faceplate (lasered).

Some pictures of the prototyping and finished product

11020050 11020051 11020052 11020053 11020054

12110026 12110025

12110024 12110023

The speaker is a Jensen P10R (Alnico)

Here are some clips:

Clean 5C1

Full volume 5C1

Clean 5F1

Full volume 5F1


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