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About me

I work  with electronics since the mid 60íes and software development on microcomputers since the mid 70íes. Nowadays I combine both, enabling me to do electronic projects from idea to product. Although all the passion for these fields, my daytime job was projectmanager in the financial industry (over 25 years of project/program management experience). This allows me to do complete projects from beginning to end.

Product Development

I offer development of Electronic PCB’s from idea->schematic->PCB design->prototyping and final assembly. I  have developed several different Arduino shields for customers (i.e. LED-Button shield, Cube Shield, High Voltage programming shield). Other designs are possible like for example dedicate custom MCU boards for specific functions. But with my over 20 years of experience in Project Management I can manage your full product development as well.

some examples:

LED_Button_Shield_1 ATTiny_HV_FuseReset_design

cube V2.1_1IMG_0078Lora SX1276 Adapter print V1.1ALora SX1276 Adapter print V1.1B

  • Arduino & ATMEL project development (Design, Electronics, Shields & Software)

Software Software1

  • App development for Android & IOS (Appcelerator Titanium)

appicon-72@2x tennis coach025

  • PIC Microcontroller project development (Design, Electronics, Software)

schematic civic

  • 3D CAD design for prototyping projects

coilwinder V2-10 CoilWinder2 CoilWinder1


  • 3D Printing of prototypes (both simple small scale and professional outsourcing)

coilwinder V2-built-2fishing knobRing Pen V3.1

  • Tube Audio (Design, Repairs, Builds)

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