3D Printer construction

Building my Mendel Prusa Lineair

Not knowing everything I know now, I probably spent more money than needed, but it was a nice challenge :) I bought all the plastics through ebay based on lineair bearings. The electronics (Generation6 Electronics board), A J-head (0.35mm) from the USA. Most of the mechanical parts I ordered somewhere here in Holland. There is a great manual online showing in detail how to build the printer. That was the easy part.

The actual building tom quite some effort. I remember my wife telling me “ah the kid is playing with his meccano” when I was constructing the printer during the first weekend. I must admit it does give that feeling back again when I was a kid playing with mechanics :)

tn_100_3297 tn_100_3296 tn_100_3300 tn_100_3302 tn_100_3301


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