Microscope Holder

I bought one of those cheap microscopes from DX.com. Works fine but is a bit sensitive to movement. As I use the microscope mostly with SMD circuit boards it is a bit difficult to use. Not stable enough.

Time te make a solution using my CAD and 3D printing experience. Currently it isn’t finished yet, but I will publish the files on GITHUB when done. this is the idea:

Microscope holder

The frame made using M8 thread and some plastic printed parts. The height will be adjustable using simple winged nuts and maybe some springs making it not to rigid. For the rest it is just a bunch of M8 nuts, linear slider bearings keeping the costs down.


Finished the CAD design today. And this should be it.

Microscope holder_2

And here are some close ups of the plastic parts. I made them transparent to make it easier to see how it all fits together.

top corner holder bottom corner

to be continued………

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