Collecting data from remote sensors over the internet


Having seen a number of solutions where data is sent from an Arduino (or any sensor with internet connectivity) I was still having trouble of getting them installed in my own hosting environment. Either the solutions are not open source of have such a complicated environment that it will take too much effort to implement. So time to develop something simple but effective fo my own and make it available eventually in GITHUB.

And while I am busy with the design I might as well use UML and other modern methodologies to stay in practice :).

I built a Proof of Concept where I have my WiFi Arduino shield send data as $POST to a server application and store the data in a MySQL database. While playing around with it, I used Codeigniter for building the code. It is a great tool for building MVC apps.

So the basic functionality to focus on short term will be  :

  • maintain Users (add/create/delete/modify)
  • maintain tables for data (each table has a unique stream-key)
  • the fields accepted from sensors are the columns in the tables
  • Each user owns a number of unique tables (=streams of data)
  • data can be downloaded.

Fancy stuff like graphs etc will be a future thing.

The technical environment will be:

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL5
  • Codeigniter
  • maybe GroceryCrud

Will be continued….


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