Installing ESP8266 under Ubuntu and using Eclipse to build projects

Since it seems that so far the SDK works fine in either the Virtual machine with Windows XP) or Ubuntu. I decided to get my own little ubuntu machine to enable me to build projects on a way I am used to. On this page I wil explain how I installed the SDK (following the excellent work of some of my fellow forum people (see ESP8266 forum) who have created the right environment and modified/created specific files), installed Eclipse and how to import the AT example.

For more information join us at . Now a very you forum with a lot of expertise.

Over Nico Verduin

Over 37 years of experience in ITC as (international) project manager, line manager and software developer. Likes to develop software using new technologies.
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3 Responses to Installing ESP8266 under Ubuntu and using Eclipse to build projects

  1. freeck schreef:

    Hi there,

    The last few days I have read a lot about building firmware and writing applications for the esp8266….but no topics about source level debugging.
    Do you know any description or tutorial about this?

  2. Paymaan schreef:

    Hi Nico, following you from discussion on Linkedin, I noticed the link to site is broken, you have one additional “6” in the link.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences on 8266 module.


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